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Campus security is provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The Los Angeles Valley College College 治安官站 is part of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's 社区书院局.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is a service-oriented policing organization where 预防犯罪 is the top priority. We maintain high visibility in all areas of the campus to help prevent crime before it happens or to witness crimes in progress. We welcome information from students regarding any criminal activity. We consider students a vital resource for the college sheriff for 预防犯罪 at LAVC.

LAVC is privileged to have maintained a low crime rate to population ratio (20,000 students) and works diligently to maintain the effort. The campus is in the process of upgrading its security systems to include emergency telephones, security cameras and alarm systems to further enhance campus safety.


The 治安官站 is located at 5800 Fulton Avenue in the 维护 and Operations building on the Los Angeles Valley College campus. The station is available 一天24小时, 每周7天, every day of the year.

For the most current map visit the LAVC 校园地图 页面.



The LAVC Sheriff’s Station provides safety escorts for people walking alone at night on campus.

教职员工, students and guests can contact the College Sheriff's Office to request a security escort to and from their classroom or office. Wait times may vary based on the available staff and number of requests.

If you would like to request a safety escort on campus, please contact the College Sheriff’s Office at (818) 947-2911.


失去了 & 发现

Are You Missing a Personal Belonging on Campus?
Did You Find an Item Someone Accidentally Left Behind?

失去了 & 发现 is at the LAVC警长站

失去了 and 发现 items may be reported to the LAVC警长站, which is located in the 维护 and Operations Building. 查看校园地图

The 治安官站 will attempt to give notification if items turned in have identification. The Station reserves the right to dispose of items not claimed within 30 days.


Report a crime or other suspicious activity anonymously at 治安官站 Tip Hotline by calling (818) 778-5678.


The Los Angeles Community College 区 contracts the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department 为大学执法服务. This contract supplies the college with the full capability of a large law enforcement bureau and adds professionalism to the job of protecting students and employees. The nine campuses are organized under the leadership of the Sheriff's 社区书院局. Each campus has its own mini-sheriff's station which is 配备 and equipped in the same manner as a regular station.

The Los Angeles Valley College Station is 配备 与L.A. County Sheriff Deputies, Sheriff's Department Security Officers and College 学员. This staffing provides 24-hour security cover年龄 for all persons visiting and using the Los Angeles Valley College campus.

The Los Angeles Valley College College 治安官站 staff is comprised of two deputies, 13名保安人员, 还有九名学员. The sheriff's station is 配备 seven days per week, 一天24小时.

罗伯特·G警长. 月神

罗伯特·G警长. 月神
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


学员的职位按小时计费, 兼职, 没有好处, 穿制服的, non-sworn peace officer position with the Los Angeles Community College 区 assigned to a specific campus.

在L的指引下.A. 警局和L.A. 社区大学区人员, the campus Cadet position provides a full range of services to the campus community. 这些服务包括, but are not limited to: safety services, 安全护送服务, law enforcement police desk operations, 公共关系, 文书及行政支援, 调查援助, 属性集合, 预防犯罪, 停车执法, 手持收音机的使用, 以及其他相关的校园职责. This position may be assigned to assist with security for special events related to the College or the 区 包括 special 停车执法 and traffic direction.

学员 are expected to work during a 24 hour/seven-day-a-week schedule and may include working on holidays. 学员 receive related training necessary to perform the job.

Lead with compassion, serve with humility and cour年龄ously seek justice for ALL.

The mission of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is to partner with the community to proactively prevent crime, enforce the law fairly and enhance the public’s trust through transparency and accountability.


拨打2911 from any campus phone to reach the Sheriff's Department.





维护 & 营运大楼(查看地图)


电话: (818) 947-2911