Food Options on Campus

Los Angeles Valley College has several on-campus food options for students, 教师, staff and guests to order a breakfast, 午餐, or dinner and/or get a snack between classes.

Where to Eat on Campus


Fresh, made-to-order breakfast, 午餐 & 晚餐的选择



Coffee, tea, 咖啡-free bever年龄s & 抓住 & 去小吃.


Monarch Campus Store (书店)

Monarch Campus Store, the campus bookstore in the 学生会, offers Subway box 午餐es, 零食, 糖果, 冷饮, and ice cream are available for purchase.

For current hours, Check the Monarch Campus Store.

Chicaterranean Food Truck

We are excited to announce a new food option on campus, Chicaterranean food truck! Chicaterranean will be on campus from 2:30pm-8:30pm Monday through Friday, located near Lot F (Ethel Ave. near the 社区服务 Center and Monarch Athletic Center).  请浏览他们的 网上菜单; they are offering a variety of entrees, 包括 chicken and lamb over rice, falafel plates and sandwiches, 陀螺仪, 油炸玉米粉饼, 芝士汉堡, 的鸡肉, 和更多的! 



Food and drinks are also available at vending machines located in various locations throughout the campus. 的se vending machines offer a range of 抓住-and-go items to purchase 包括 prepared food and 零食, 糖果, 软饮料, 咖啡, 和更多的.


  • 校园中心
  • 图书馆 & Academic Resource Center
  • 学生会
  • 停车场
  • Business Journalism
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • 管理3

For any questions or concerns about campus vending machines, contact the LAVC Administrative 服务 Office at (818) 947-2336.