消费者信息 & 披露的信息

1965年高等教育法,经 2008年高等教育机会法案 (HEOA) requires institutions participating in federally funded financial aid programs to make information about the institution available to current and prospective 学生. Colleges need to provide disclosure and reporting requirements in a variety of formats.

此消费者信息 & 披露页面是家长的中心位置, 学生, 员工, 和校园社区获取有关皇冠官网网站的信息.

洛杉矶山谷学院(LAVC) provides current or prospective 学生, and their families with 消费者关于学院的信息,包括:

  • 校园概况
  • 学费和杂费
  • 金融援助
  • 招生
  • 学生种族/民族和性别
  • 项目完成
  • 第一次入学学生的保留率
  • 总体毕业率和转学项目/专业
  • 净价计算器

LAVC学院领航员   净价计算器

LAVC的数据元素每年通过 IPEDS系统到国家教育统计中心(NCES). NCES is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education in the U.S. 还有其他国家. NCES位于美国.S. 教育部和教育科学研究所.



In compliance with the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-542), it is the policy of our college district to make available its completion and transfer rates to all current and prospective 学生. 从2014年秋季开始, 一个队列的所有证书, 学位,, 第一次跳槽, 全日制学生接受了为期三年的跟踪调查. 它们的完成率和转让率列在上面. 的se rates do not represent the success rates of the entire student population at the College nor do they account for student outcomes occurring after this three year tracking period.

基于上面定义的队列, a Completer is a student who attained a 证书 or degree or became 'transfer prepared' during a three year period, 从2014年秋季到2017年春季. 已修满60个学分,平均分不低于2分的学生.0分或以上被认为是“已准备好转移”. 转学至其他专上院校的学生, 在获得学位之前, 证书, 或者在五个学期内做好“转学准备”, 从2015年春季到2017年春季, 是转学生吗?.


详细信息,请访问 LAVC机构效率办公室.


大学负担 & 透明中心(CATC)大学记分卡 提供净价信息, 毕业, 贷款违约率和学生贷款的典型金额.


洛杉矶山谷学院(LAVC) 发布有关其项目的执照考试通过率的信息.


详细信息,请访问 LAVC机构效率办公室.

洛杉矶山谷学院的职位 工资 & 工资信息 加州社区学院校长办公室(CCCCO). 的CCCCO is making available for the first time comparative information about the earnings of recent graduates who received an award in a specific program area at California community colleges.

 工资冲浪者 uses the aggregated earnings of graduates from a five year period to provide an estimate on the potential w年龄s to be earned two years and five years after receiving a 证书 or degree in certain disciplines. This tool also provides information on which colleges offer programs in those specific disciplines. 的 工资冲浪者 does not contain information about w年龄s earned by community college 学生 who transfer to a four-year institution.


的CCCCO 大学工资追踪系统 provides median w年龄 information on 学生 who completed credit awards at a particular California Community College over a series of academic years using California Employment Development (EDD) Unemployment Insurance (UI) w年龄 data . Total annual median w年龄s for 学生 three years after completion of award are displayed and categorized by College and type of award. 有关队列和数据分析的更多细节,请阅读方法学.  


详细信息,请访问 LAVC机构效率办公室.

洛杉矶山谷学院的职位 data on its job placement rate and institutional standards.

LAVC就业率 & 标准

详细信息,请访问 LAVC机构效率办公室.



Information regarding Crime Statistics at LAVC is posted in accordance with the 揭露校园安全政策和校园犯罪统计法案.

This act is named in memory of university student Jeanne Clery, who was raped and murdered in 1986. 它的前身是1990年的《皇冠最新网址》. All colleges and universities that receive federal funding are required by this act to disclose information about crime on campus and crime in the immediate vicinity of the campus. 载有三年犯罪统计数字的年度报告, 校园安全政策, 受害者权利声明, 性侵犯政策必须根据该法案提供. 除了, timely warnings of criminal threats to the entire campus population must be made available.

有关年度保安报告及罪案统计数字,请浏览 LAVC警长办公室.

洛杉矶山谷学院应急计划 and Standard Operating Manuals covers a variety of potentially dangerous situations and give information on response to these emergencies. Additional information can also be obtained by contacting the Vice President of 管理服务 Office at (818) 947-2336.


家庭教育权利和隐私法(FERPA) 是否有联邦法律保护学生教育记录的隐私. 的 law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. 教育部. FERPA赋予父母关于子女教育记录的某些权利. 的se rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the 年龄 of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level.


根据《皇冠最新网址》第34条第668条,符合州申诉程序.43(b), LAVC will provide any enrolled or perspective student (upon request) a copy of the documents describing the college's accreditation and State, 联邦或部落的批准或许可.


除了, 学生 or perspective 学生 can obtain contact information about filing complaints with the accreditor and with its State approval or licensing entity, and any other relevant State official or 年龄ncy to is appropriate to handle a student's complaint by visiting the 加州社区学院校长办公室网站.


高等教育紧急救济基金由冠状病毒援助组织授权, 救援, 和经济安全法案(关怀法案), 于3月27日签署成为法律, 2020 and funds were distributed to institutions of higher education to address the disruptions caused by COVID-19.



LAVC财政援助办公室 provides information for prospective and current 学生 on the 金融援助 application process, 资格, 权利和责任. 欲了解更多信息,请联系财政援助办公室 (818) 947-2412.


残疾学生文化中心服务办事处 提供支援服务, 专业的指导, and educational accommodations to 学生 with disabilities so that they can participate as fully and benefit as equitably from the college experience as their non-disabled peers. For more information on the 残疾学生服务 Office and its services, call (818) 947-2681, or (818) 947-2680 (遥控).


LAVC学生健康中心 provides 学生 with high quality and cost-effective health services in a comfortable and compassionate environment. It strives to keep 学生 in optimal physical and mental health to facilitate their academic success at LAVC by promoting healthy lifestyles and caring for his/her physical or psychological needs. 更多信息,请访问 学生健康中心网页.


LAVC为学生提供了一个链接 在LAVC书店查阅教材资料. 学生可以按学期和课程查询教材信息. 欲了解更多信息,请与LAVC书店联系 (818) 947-2313.